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This is more technological then burning shit that he gave me...

and I was bored.

title or description
son of a crap.

bush won.

kerry was a stud.


Well...Work is good, school is ok. Grades are fine. I didn't serve a detention and my school's policy is if you don't serve it, you get in-school suspension. So, next wednesday, I have to sit in a hot cave with broken desks. With nothing to do. Except sleep. Oh, and they will let me leave to go to work at 12:30. Thanks...then I will have 8 minutes to eat and get dressed.

I didn't want to serve the detention because I didn't think it was fair. I couldn't find a parking spot because they closed 1/4 of the back parking lot off for the homecoming parade that afternoon. So, I had to park in the last row of the huge front parking lot. In which, made me late to class. I don't think it's fair because I couldn't even go to the parade because I'm in Co-op and have to leave after 5th hour for work.
Do you think thats fair?!? Dr. Pappas didn't care. Grr. Whatever, I will serve it. I have no other choice.

I'm tired of being a loser.

Waiting for something new...


I'm bored with my life.
This weekend kinda sucked. I went to Minneapolis for a wedding. It was fun and all that, but I was just really tired for some reason. I haven't gotten much sleep, and I don't know why. I started falling asleep at my table while everyone was dancing. So, of course, I got teased by Irv, a family friend (whos daughter was getting married). He wanted me to dance with him for fun. I was just tooooo tired, so I got teased more.
What really made my night was when the groom and bride did their little speechs. I felt like crying. I felt really depressed. I got way teary-eyed, and my throat got that choked up feeling. And yeah, guess who I was thinking about. I don't want to say his name because I've been saying it too much already. And I've been trying really hard to not think about him as much anymore.

I want a new beginning to something. Anything.
I miss having that someone that will be there to talk, and will want to listen. BLAHHH!!
Alright on to something different because I can't talk about this shit anymore.

But what could I talk about?

Ohh, at Orange Elemntary (one of my jobs) one of the 2nd graders got up on his desk and started mocking what the teacher was saying to the class, then turned around and said "Kiss my butt!" while spanking his ass!
Haha that was hilarious. Although he started crying and he really is a nice kid. But, his medication got switched so, maybe that had something to do with it.
Also, I will be a mentor for a kindergardener! His name is Jeffery. He is the youngest kindergrader in his class, and no one has been reading to him or working with him! I feel really horrible about that! Who can just ignore a kid?! Aww, he looks so innocent! I start that next week, and I'm sooper excited about that. I'm gonna be his big sister :D ha maybe, if he likes me.

Yay...so thats my life and it sucks.

I'm thinking that something *new* is gonna start...maybe. I'm not quite sure what it will be, but it's growing.

Sitting at school...

Well...Andrew tried to show me how to drive a manual car. Didn't go so great. I'm horrible at reverse. Blah, he didn't give me much time either! That's ok Andrew...you can try to teach me again.
And, of course, the first 3 cars I got while valeting, were MANUAL! But...even the trained workers had trouble with this one truck that was just a piece of shit. Then later, Seth, started talking about how Tom (our supervisor) shouldn't hire people that can't stick shift. Geez...I'm trying :( I thought I could move this truck like 2 feet but noooo... It decided to shit on me.
I gotta work at Orange Elemntary 1-4 then Pipac 5-11. Yeah, this is a busy night. Oh well. I love the money, and I love the job. I'm just pooped. I slept in this morning, missed 1st hour.

Hmm...I need more friends.

Alright I'm depressed I'm gonna go bye.


I need to learn how to drive a stick shift again!
Please! Someone teach me!

Yeah, last night...I got 2 manual cars and I got them started and backed out, but...they died. It was funny when I was trying to take this dudes car, and Josh, one of the guys that work there, was standing in front of the car watching me and smiling at me while I was slamming on the steering wheel, mouthing "Fuck!" every time I couldn't hit it. I finally gave up and called him over. He was just laughing...I was like "Yeah...I thought I could do it."

Later, we had a normal rush...and for some odd reason the waitresses came out to help us. And what really made me mad was they asked the guests if they wanted to valet. Whaaat the FUCK! It's not a fucking option! So half the people parked them selfs. So, therefore, all our tip money was gone. I left early because people wanted to stay really late and get drunk. There was 2 valet parkers left, which was fine because we only had about 9 cars when I left.

Anyways, I'm gonna go to Target.


Pipac Centre on the Lake IS THE GREATEST JOB I'VE EVER HAD!!!

I ran around parking all these stellar cars...hanin' out, laughin' with all these great people. Oh my God! My body was sooo sore by the end of the night, but it was totally worth it! We made a total of $371 in tips!! But we spilt it in 7 ways so we all got $53!!! I got to drive a Hummer, new Lexus's with navigation systems that talk to you. It got sooo busy that we just stacked the cars and parked them later in the night. And once that time came, we had to take them to the 2nd parking lot, so we were pretty much racing with everyones cars!
My co-workers are awesome people too...we all get a long!
Yes, yes...such a great time. I can't wait to work again :D

To the girl wearing Ol' Spice...

Thank you Lisa, for doing all that you've done in my life while you have so much to do in yours. You have shown me the way to go in my life, a better path. You are the truest person I have met, and probably will ever meet.
Thank you for helping me with all my troubled times.
Thank you, also, for showing me good times, and introducing me to new experiences.
I don't know how I can ever repay you, except by giving you help back in your time of need.
And I will hold my head up stronger everyday because you have taught me how.
You are going to go far in your life.

I love you.

Thank you.



I talked to my friend Eric!! He was online...he hasn't been online since, like, 2 years ago! Soo yeah I decided to say hello.
Aww...he still looks as cute as he did when I first met him. He is 6'3''!
I met him threw CAP (civil air patrol) but now he lives in Maryland :(
I sent him a recent picture of me and he said "daaaammmmmnnnn Lauren" Haha, yeah I've changed.
I had a crush on him and I told him one night at a camp out when we kinda snuck out to go to the little jungle gym area. lol...thats were we made out *blush* I was 14. We are the same age. I miss him...he is soo stellar.
I'm sure he will be excited I wrote a post about him. ;)

Today...I went to the mall after work to purchase black pants, and shoes for my new job as a valet parker! While I was looking around, my cell phone rang, and it was a number that was unknown. Anyways, it surprisingly was my ex golf team member, Alison. I haven't talked to her since April. She then asked me for Andrews number...WTF...Who calls a former girlfriend of his??? IS SHE CRAZY!? Does she want to be slapped! She was yelling at me because she was somewhere loud. I had to yell his number into my phone...everyone in the store was staring at me. She then did this snotty "THHHAAANNNKSSS" soo thats when I decided to hang up. Plain rude. Why would she do that? How did she get my number? I haven't talked to her forever, and she has the nerve to call me?? I instant messaged Andrew when I got home (he was on away) and told him to tell Alison not to call me so I could answer more questions about him. But, I guess she never did call him. She will call him, for sure. Theres no way that girl would not call him. I fucking dispise her now.

Well, tomorrow I am going to Iowa City to go deal with a fuck head. Someone who decided to screw up my family. Soooo, I hope everyone will have a charming day tomorrow.

Good night :)